E-Blue Auroza EEC305BL extreme comfort Gaming chair


The Auroza Chair EEC305BL will allow you to play for hours without feeling tired, ergonomics perfectly fits yours must try it! Plunge into the game with a pleasant experience, and you will quickly adopt it!

The Auroza EEC305BL Armchair is equipped with a nice bracket that provides an innovative "Anti-Fatigue" effect to improve your longevity and make you the ultimate winner.

Esthetic level, the Auroza EEC305BL armchair of the range E-BLUE is up to your expectations, its topstitched finish, and the curves of its tub propel you in a seat studied for high-level players.

• Ergo-structured design, durable one-piece backrest cover,
• High-grade PU for comfort and breathability.
• CLASS-4 TUV Gas spring, adjustable angel 95°-105°-115°-125°
• Durable plastic five-point base, 1500KG of static loading weight.
• Omni-directional casters for quick movement without noise.
• Dimension: 660 x 685 x 1240 mm (± 5mm)
• Carton Size: 38.1 x 14.5 x 25.5 in (LxWxH)
• Weight: 23Kg (50.7 Lbs)
• Static Angel: 92 ± 2 °
• Max. The angle of installation: 118 ± 2 °
• Rotating armrest: 360 °
• Lifting height of armrests: 70 ± 5mm

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