E-Blue EMS667BK RGB 3500DPI Gaming Mouse


The E-Blue EMS667BK RGB 3500DPI Gaming Mouse is designed for ease of use and total immersion gaming. It has the ability to switch buttons to provide both right and left-handers with a gaming experience they won't forget. Easy-to-use double and triple-click methods for switching between different options. Beautiful glowing effects achieved through true-color RGB.

Ergonomic streamline design 16.8 RGB glowing effects Matt UV painted surface for better comfort & grip Glowing rubber scroll wheel 2 multimedia function buttons to easily move backward & forwards.

• RGB 16.8 million multi-colors glowing effects.
• DPI 500/1000/1500/1750/2000/2500/3500.
• Polling rate125/250/500/1000Hz.
• 20 million switch lifespan.
• Ergo streamline shape, glowing scroll wheel.
• Rubber coated surface.
• 3,500 DPI for laser pinpoint accuracy.
• Strengthened materials for greater durability and longer lifespan.
• RGB true color (16.8 million colors) glowing lighting effects for creating a unique gaming experience.
• Ability to be used by both right-handers and left-handers through a simple click.
• Ergonomic streamlined design to provide a comfortable long-term user experience.
• Matt UV painted surface for better comfort & grip.
• Glowing rubber scroll wheel to augment your gaming experience.
• Two multimedia function buttons to move backward and forwards conveniently.
• Product Dimensions: 126.6x67.8x40.8mmmm.
• Product Weight: 136±5g.
• Support O.S: Windows X86 X64 Win7 / 8 /10, 2000, XP, Vista, Linux, Mac OS X 10.2~.

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