E-Blue Glowing EGT536BK Gaming Desk Light. Blue/Red light


If you're looking for a gaming office to play eSports or FPS video games on your PC, the eSport EGT536BK gaming desk is specially designed for this purpose and aimed at uncompromising gamers.

The Office Gaming is equipped with the most elegant and innovative lighting effect to enhance your gaming experience and make you the ultimate winner. Fitted with a sensory sensor, the table E-Blue will surprise you during your most thrilling parties with its effects of LED lights unpublished (Red or Blue)!

Lighting control is done with an included remote control. The office has a central bar on the ground for even more strength and also serves as a footrest. The E-Blue Gaming Desk is mostly made of carbon fiber for maximum durability and a noble appearance. Multiple illustrations exist on the surface, and some are also bright.

Dive into the game in a most enjoyable experience; you will quickly adopt it!. On the other hand, the Gaming Office E-BLUE has the comfort of exceptional sitting and ergonomic to the height of your waiting. Its tapered shape and the integrated support spaces will allow a perfect integration of your equipment, in the real conditions of the E-Sport gaming arenas.

• Specialist designed width ensures the most suitable distance
From eyes to LCD, effectively avoid eye fatigue.
• Metal structure & MDF desktop for durability
• Turn-off & Light Colors change by a slide switch.
• 3 Adjustable brightness levels 100% - 50% - 25%
• ICE blue, glowing effect.
• Futuristic design.
• Variable brightness, intermittent breathing mode (4 ms, 6 ms, 8 ms),
competition mode.
• Carton Dimension: 50.39x33.46x4.33 in.

• Carton Weight: 62.83 lb.
• Weight: 49.6 lb.

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