E-Blue Mazer EEC304BK Suede & PU made Gaming Chair


Combining sporty and aggressive curves with perfect ergonomics from noble materials is the idea behind Mazer Gamer Armchairs. Discover a truly unique gaming chair with custom tuning and maximum comfort for all players. Ergonomic design provides ideal support for maximum comfort. Unique design in black and gray inspired by the comfort offered by the seat of a sports car. Cool 3D embroidered logo for a superior feeling.

• Ergo-structured design, durable one-piece backrest cover,
• High-grade PU & Suede leather for comfort and durability.
• Durable plastic five-point base, 1500KG of static loading weight.
• Omni-directional casters for quick movement without noise.
• CLASS-4 TUV Gas spring, adjustable angel 95°-105°-115°-125°.
• Padding and backrest containing a highly resistant sponge foam that resists deformation.
• Advanced PU leather surface: easy to clean, excellent breathability, and heat dissipation.
• Silent wheels made of nylon + 30% fiberglass and PU mold injection for high scratch resistance and long life.
• Multiple setting options to suit anybody's comfort.
• 4D adjustable arms 360 ° rotation and height adjustment to support your chair arms perfectly at the height and position you desire.
• Adjustable tilt angle Up to 112 °
• Using the hand controls, you can lock the backrest angle and adjust your chair to the desired height.
• Equipped with a class 4 certified spring seat covered with chromate for added safety.
• Colors: Black / Gray.
• Static angle: 92 ± 2 °.
• Max. laying angle: 112 ± 2 °.
• Adjustable seat height: 90 ± 5mm.
• Lifting height of armrests: 70 ± 5mm.
• Dimension: 660x685x1240mm.
• Carton Dimension: 38.1x14.5x25.5 in.
• Weight: 46.3 lb.
• Carton Weight: 55.1 lb.

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