E-Blue RGB & Height-adjustable EGT004BK Gaming desk


Gamer Desk Backlit LED RGB EGT004BK for Gaming with adjustable height - 16 colors programmable and controllable via wireless remote control - Height adjustable on four levels: 720/784/848 and 912mm - Ergonomic tray 100% waterproof wholly covered with an ultra-thick and anti-scratch mouse pad - Size: 1350 x 785 x 695mm.

Gamer Desk Retro LED RGB Light - EGT004BK is designed for playing video games on PC and MAC. This precise measurement ensures a proper distance for your eyes to avoid the eye fatigue caused by these long hours of play. This office offers perfect ergonomics with a compact work surface to provide players with the best gaming experience possible. No more tendinitis or aches due to an office too high or poorly arranged. Fiber tray covered with a sliding coating for the mouse, L-shaped legs for more excellent stability, footrests for everyone to be comfortable. You can enjoy your office on a height-adjustable from 72 to 91.2 cm! You will now be able to play or work in front of your computer while sitting or standing in a few seconds without moving from your work environment.

• 4 adjustable height levels (695mm-890mm).
• RGB Glowing effect with flash, breathable modes available,
easily switches the light by the remote control.
• Metal structure & MDF desktop for durability.
• Fully covered by a large mouse pad material on the surface.
• With a mesh bag under the desktop to place the power supplier.
• Gamer Desk with RGB Backlit Glowing Effect Panel.
• Several controllable light effects via wireless remote control.
• Programmable color setting with 16 colors available to select.
• Dimension: 1350 x 785 x 695mm.
• Carton Dimension: 48.42x34.52x3.9 in.
• Weight: 46.29 lb.
• Carton Weight: 52.91 lb.
• Height: 1 meter 35 (1.35m).
• Adjustable height on four levels: 720/784/848 and 912mm.
• 100% waterproof, ergonomic tray fully covered with an ultra-thick and scratch-resistant mouse pad.
• Net available under the desk to store your power supplies and cables.
• The robust steel structure is resistant, designed for Gaming.

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